Work flow: What do our props look like?

I shot some video for our stern z-drive thrusters on the Agnes Candies. The Agnes is a 300′ offshore support vessel providing supplies to offshore oil/gas installations in the Gulf of Mexico. She has a breath of 60′ and a max draft of 19’6″, and has a cargo carrying capacity of over 4000 tons.

Michelle standing under the bow thrusters during a dry dock

I work as a 2nd mate, and Michelle is an 2nd engineer. I always wanted to see what these azipods looked like in action. For perspective these propellers are each about 6′ in diameter and the Cort nozzle (the circular frame around the prop), which increases thruster efficiency and power, adds another foot or so. Driving this is girl around port is a blast due to these powerful thrusters.

My first view when I got moved to the Agnes, fresh out of shipyard.


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