Glacier National Park, Montana July 2015

It took me a while to get my act together to write this post. I could not figure out my approach. Should I focus on how Ronnie proposed to me in the middle of our twelve mile hike in front of a gorgeous, glacial waterfall? Or should I focus on our readers and give helpful tips on trails and ‘must see’ sites for their future adventure at the crown jewel of national parks? After six months of Ronnie constantly reminding me to write this post and after six months of me purposely putting it off, the one thing that stuck in my mind the whole time was the pure joy I felt while being there, and a fellow hiker I happen to cross paths with telling me “This (Glacier National Park) is ‘God’s country’.” After six month of putting it off, I finally connected that my feeling of pure joy was a response to being in God’s country.

I say that Glacier is God’s country because it is mostly untouched by humans hands. Therefore, Glacier, as well as many other National Parks through out the world are examples of God’s magnificence works when He created the world. Therefore, Glacier gives us an understanding of God- why and how he operates. God created these beautiful places as well as the World to glorify him. Some believe our God is an ego manic, which to many who glance and briefly try to understand Him will clearly see him as a self-centered egotistical God. However, as John Piper explains, by exalting Himself- showing his glory through his creations such as Glacier National Park- he gets all the glory, because we experience this deep, satisfying joy while being in the presence of one of His creations, Glacier National Park. Therefore, there is no conflict in our passion for joy, and God’s passion for his own glory; because he is most satisfied in us, when we are most satisfied in Him.

Like many other hikers have expressed, the pure, satisfying joy felt by immersing yourself in nature is a response to one of God’s glorifying works. He wants us to experience joy, because of Him. Take a hike in God’s country, whether is be Glacier or the Grand Canyon and make note of the joy you feel as you stand there in amazement. Then give thanks and praise to His creation. I am thankful for my trip to Glacier National Park, because it showed me how beautiful and giving our God is. I wish for everyone to visit Glacier National Park, and I hope one day soon you too can experience the joy that many have felt by being in God’s country.

Check out our photos below! You will also find photos of Waterton National Park, Banff National Park and Jasper National Park. Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom to check out our proposal video!!! And yes, I did take the cover photo above the title, which I am very proud of.

PS: We would love to give you all of our tips and information we gathered, just reach out to us and we will be more than happy to share.


And then the proposal!

8 thoughts on “Glacier National Park, Montana July 2015

  1. I love Montana.. Love Glacier. I think this is the year that I go back . We didn’t get to go on a big hike trip last year ( I had Lyme Disease and couldn’t do a lot ) and we did Colorado the year before. I miss Montana. So awesome out there. Thanks for sharing and for posting all of the pics. Makes me a little homesick.

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    1. We had a great time too, everything is so magnificent! Sorry to hear about the lyme disease, hope you’re doing well now. We want to go to south Colorado next, along with Utah, and Arizona. We want to do a southwest road trip in the arid regions to see the national parks in that area. Thanks for coming up and sharing, we miss it too and will go back for sure one day.


  2. Looks amazing … and what a memorable place to get engaged! After sailing, we hope to get an old RV and explore the US. With the price of gas and all the boat repairs, we wonder if we should RV first … hmmmm.

    Congratulations .. love the pictures and video. I’m sure the wedding will be fabulous!


    1. It was and will be forever a memory for us! Yea, with the gas prices like they are we are trying to supplement some road trips in between working on the boat. Take advantage while you can… Thank you, we are pretty excited for the wedding!


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