In the Beginning

We have never made a formal starting point from which Redemption arose of the shadowy depths from which I found her. Here is a photo-documentary of where it all started.

Click on the photos for a slide show and bigger images.

the Exterior:


the Interior:

Shipping from Svendsen’s Boat Works in Alameda, CA to Lake Catherine Marina in New Orleans, LA. A trip across the southern most parts of the United States stretching almost 2,300 miles. J Daniel Marine transporters was the agent I used to ship Redemption and if needed, I would use them again in a heart beat. They were great, very professional, timely with emails and correspondence. The coolest part was they send you picture updates along the way to let you know how your boat is doing during the land voyage. Here are some pictures they sent:

The unloading didn’t take long, but there was much excitement nonetheless. When we could see that big girl coming over the Rigolets bridge from the marina and the anxiousness was almost palpable! She finally rolled into the marina a few short moments later. Redemption was finally home but it would be some time before she would touch the sea again as she was in desperate need for some lovin’. And this is where the adventure begins…

2 thoughts on “In the Beginning

  1. Sir,
    A friend that I sail with just purchased a 1985 Kaulfman 47 in Deerfield Beach Florida. I will be helping with the retrofitting/rebuilding of the boat. Your site is very interesting and we will be following in your foot steps. To start were you able to get any documentation from Michael Kaulfman or others sources. Also any problem areas discovered that you would recommend to be addressed first. Thanks.


    1. Hey Chip! I believe your friend contacted me about that boat, Hobo was the name of boat?, that’s great news he just got it! I think his is in better shape than when I got mine. I have not been able to get any documents or the like from Mr Kaufman. I had the original brochure but the broker didn’t leave it on the boat when I shipped it and wouldn’t mail it. He was kind of worthless, still wish I had the brochure though. One day I will drive to Mike Kaufmans office or something. Problem areas.. Well they are stout boats so not many problems per say. Teak decks and prisms would be the things to look at to make sure they are not leaking. The chainplates will be a big pain whenever those need to be changed. Other than that, the boats are solid glass minus some areas on the deck that are Airex foam coring so no rot to really worry about.

      Keep I touch, maybe we’ll see you guys when we start heading East from NOLA!



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