Israel: the Holy Land

Late last year and running into this new year, Michelle and I took a trip to Israel but it was more than just a trip or a vacation as it was a pilgrimage. As Christians, we wanted to learn more not only about the Biblical times/people/places and Israel’s history, but more importantly about Jesus’ walk here on earth. This was such an amazing experience for both of us both spiritually and emotionally that we will forever cherish our time there and always yearn to go back. The people we met on the trip were wonderful and we will remember our time with them and hope to cross paths with them in the future.

Our time over there was 8 days which was both enough and not enough time. It was not enough because there is such a deep history and culture there that 8 days hardly scratches the surface. You would need a couple weeks to really start to feel like you are knowing what truly makes Israel, Israel. Not only that, but the food is fantastic and to be able to experience all the flavors and spices, 8 days just isn’t enough time! It WAS enough time in the other sense in that our days were long 10+ hour days of on the go learning, walking, and experiencing. By the end of each day, you were pretty beat both physically and mentally, but we would not have had it any other way.

Some top memories for us was when Michelle and I got baptized in the Jordan River, where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. Taking a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, the same sea where Jesus performed many miracles and asked many of the twelve disciples to follow Him. Overlooking the Valley of Armageddon on Mount Megiddo where the battle of end times will be held. Another was sitting quietly on the stone floor where Jesus was beaten and flogged in the barracks of Pilates palace, was humbling and moving. Swimming in the Dead Sea at 1400ft below sea level was both fun and weird, as you float almost on top of the water since it’s so dense from minerals and salts, and won’t be soon forgotten.

Now being back home and going over the hundreds of pictures together to make this post brings us back to those busy streets in Jerusalem and dusty walks through the ruins at Herod the Great’s cliff fortress, Masada. We smile at the thought of one day going back to this amazing country so filled with rich culture and layers built on layers of history. We could not possibly post all of the pictures we took, but we will include our favorites and most memorable.

3 thoughts on “Israel: the Holy Land

    1. Yes! We would love to go there with you guys! Glad we could help you get inspired, can’t wait to read it. See you guys soon, love y’all too!


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