So about our absence…

Yeeeeaaa, about that….. Sorry guys, we have been super busy lately with life. We have been planning/preparing for our wedding at the end of June in ST. THOMAS!, Michelle was finishing up taking her Chief Engineer unlimited Coast Guard exams (she’s so stinkin’ awesome!), I have been studying for my Chief Mate Oceans unlimited license (pray for me!), and believe it or not we have been working super hard on Redemption at every opportunity! On top of that we have been to weddings upon weddings, we have danced at 3 this year and one more in a cave in Virginia this weekend, (Yay! to our newly married friends, congrats!!), hanging with family and friends, chilling out with penguins(they are the coolest if you have never met one), getting rear-ended in our truck on the interstate, praising Jesus with our church fam,[take a breath] sailboat racing, killing chickens (humanely, mind you and they have been delicious thank you!), wedding showers, and taking a visit up to Massachusetts to visit Michelle’s family and friends. We have had a pretty amazing and crazy and blessed past few of months!

Don’t worry though we have been taking pictures of everything that has been going on whenever we stop to actually take them! For a quick pallet teaser here is a little update. So far on Redemption we have finished up our freshwater plumbing, blew a freshwater tank up (doh!), started painting the aft head, got the reefer working, took tore the reefer apart and removed the old insulation, re-insulated, and knocked out a lot of little projects. We do plan to update soon and we have lots of pictures too!


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We love you guys, see you soon!

4 thoughts on “So about our absence…

  1. I’m exhausted just reading the summary of your recent adventures! Love y’all. Keep working hard. Keep playing harder.


    1. I was hoping to get the exhaustion in the writing! It has definitely been a non-stop couple of months but we enjoyed every minute of it! Love you too!

      PS: I like that last part, I may use that in the future (:


  2. We miss you guys! Thanks for the update!! You don’t know how bad we wished we could be there for your wedding. I know it will be beautiful. Love y’all!! Come see us and Ben and Cam soon!! <3<3


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