Demolishing our boat one day at a time.

Since we have been home we have managed to tear into more projects than we are finishing projects. Now some may think this is crazy (which it is, we don’t defend that!) but at this stage in the refit it’s necessary. For us, it is helpful to have a few bunch of projects in queue so that when we run into a snag on one, happens often, we can jump to another project. It is SONY DSCworking for us for the boat right now, but right now it is also working on our sanity. Our horizontal storage space is dwindling very quickly and the parts list and “need to gets” are growing. Though this chaos is happening we are getting projects finished.

To start it off let’s go over what has been completed:

  1. We finished up the refrigeration rebuild

Yep, that’s it on that front unless you consider finishing the beginning part of another project.. Yea, we didn’t think you would count that.

So, how many can of worms have we opened in just a short week?

  1. Pulled the mast for a re-rig
  2. Pulled the leaking 20′ long jib track off the starboard side
  3. Started removing the old caulking from starboard side to re-new that
  4. Began sanding on the counter top above the reefer because we wanted to get the dusty stuff out of the way and frankly, it just looked terrible
  5. Cut out the forward water tank under the v-berth that was leaking to make a new one
  6. Cleaned the v-berth mattress foam with bleach/water solution to be sent out to get re-upholstered

I know, a 1:6┬áratio isn’t the best. In fact it is terrible odds when trying to get AHEAD of projects when finishing a boat for cruising. I think with enough long days and nights and that epic rain storm we had, we should have a majority of these completed within the month…Hopefully. We pray for smooth operations everyday and even when things seem to be looking down, we are still having fun doing it and joyous at the opportunity to even be able to.

More to come, don’t worry!

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