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Coming to a Point

Its been a bit since my last post for a couple of reasons. First, I have had a irregular schedule at work that has kept me from getting much done on the boat worthy of a large update. Secondly, I am at the point in the repair process where everything has to come together at the same time. Fortunately, these two reasons have worked together harmoniously in my favor to allow me time to research, prepare, purchase, and organize my plan when I get home. Further in detail of the second, I am at the point of this refit where the boat is being painted(hull and bottom coatings), the new engine ordered, mast gear/lights ordered, and shaft/shaft seal ordered. Everything will be coming together at once when I get home. Hoping to install the new shaft and seal and finally, after months of drying out, put her back in the water. image Fresh Awlgrip primer last week. After the boat is launched, the mast will get its renewal treatment. After a nice wash and wax, new halyards from Layline and sheaves from both Garhauer Marine and RigRite will be getting ran. As far as electrical, new navigation(Lopolight and Signal Mate) and spreader lights(Rigid Industries) will be installed along with fresh wiring. Also, a Maretron ultrasonic wind sensor will be adorning the top of the mast on its own pole out of the way of turbulent air from the sails and lights. image The mast how it lays now. I’m going to try to arrange for a friend who is a rigger to come check out my mast stays and cabling to make sure, for the most part, everything is in good shape. I know this is something that will need to be addressed eventually, but not this year! The mast will be stepped and secured in place at our yard, which will be awesome once it is finally installed! The engine will come next but I’ll save that for another post later on!


    “Plan everything. If you plan everything out, when it all goes to hell, it will be because you planned it that way”

I’m finally home from work and I’m ready to start working on the boat but alas, the weather just isn’t cooperating. It was 70° and sunny this past weekend and don’t you know, the day I get off its raining almost freezing! Blast!

One good thing about being at work is the time I get to research and learn, whether it’s books, forums, or online articles. Before I left for work I was able to remove the old Volkswagen Pathfinder 72hp diesel engine from the boat. It wasn’t running when I bought it, but I got it to turn over before removal. I have been on the hunt for a 80hp Perkins, but have yet to find one. I have time though, I plan to clean up the engine compartment thoroughly. Cleaning up wires, replacing insulation, cleaning bilges, mounting new battery maintenance equipment, etc. Also, I will be taking out the 110V reefer compressor for a new 12V one from Cool Blue Marine. The condenser/coldplate will get shipped to CoolBlue for inspection and cleaning as well. While on the boat I ordered a SmartPlug receptacle and plug to replace my existing 50A “Twist Lock”, these are much safer and marine grade than the old twistlock systems.


The bottom has been sanded down to the gelcoat while I was away, this allows me to start fresh with new bottom coatings. I will let the hull dry out for a while to let the small gelcoat blisters drain out. The hull has already started to get sanded as well so I can spray some AwlGrip primer and paint when the temps heat up some. Can’t wait to see what she looks like with some new paint! Also, a new name.. (still up in the air on that one, it will come to me as I work on her)


When the weather decides to clear up, I will be removing the thru-hull fittings for inspection and the seacocks for replacements. Ready to tear into the work, the sooner this is done the faster I can get her back in the water! I want to sail this summer!